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IoT platform update – Blynk

Hey everyone, we are still working on adding new cloud service providers and today we can gladly announce that we’ve integrated yet another one! This time we’ve managed to add support

IoT platform update – ThingsBoard

It hasn’t been long since our last platform update and we already come to you with yet another one! As we announced previously, we added support for a new cloud provider

IoT platform update

A while has passed since we last posted here but we weren’t sitting idle! We have made a few updates to our IoT platform GitHub repository (which is free to download

Python-based IoT solution for ESP32 connection to AWS

Guess what?! WizzDev is about to launch its first “IoT platform” product!  Some time ago, we mentioned in our blog post: the idea of creating a well-optimized platform that integrates

Google shutting down its Cloud IoT Core

Google has just announced that in a year’s time it will discontinue its Google Cloud IoT Core. Users have until August 16th, 2023 to move to a different provider. If you

ESP32-C5: New Chip with Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6

In this article, we will discuss a new product from Espressif Systems. It’s worth mentioning that WizzDev is a third-party platform partner of a Shanghai-based Chinese company. There have been rumors

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