Technology Showcase

Embedding Terraform in custom application

Terraform – what? how? whatโ€™s it good for? While we were developing a solution that uses Amazon Web Services, we had quickly found out that relying on their web console can

Power management for IoT MCUs

IoT is more and more popular in all sectors of society. Smart home appliances, smart factories, and smart cities all rely on data gathered by thousands of tiny devices scattered around

FPGA Data Transfer demo #4

This post will outline the setup of Python application and its usage examples. All necessary files can be found in the Wizzdev GitHub repository under fpga_data_transfer_demo/python/src. To perform data acquisition a

FPGA Data Transfer demo #3

This post will describe the proposed FPGA application architecture. It is not meant to be a step by step tutorial, rather an overview with an explanation of main modules. For the

FPGA Data Transfer demo #2

This post describes how to set up a project in Xilinx Vivado for writing and configuring the program for FPGA. If you are already familiar with Vivado you can skip this

Transparency in IoT

Technology-based innovations in the information society provide the opportunity for private and public institutions to identify and meet demands, expectations, and needs. Technology fuels a competitive system in the information society.

Plastometrex with a visit at WizzDev

Last week our long-term partner Plastometrex came to visit us in Poznan. It was a great opportunity for both of our companies to discuss the current and future projects and to

The role of IoT in manufacturing

Internet of Things (IoT) is seen as the technology of the future and is followed with interest by many industry areas. Businesses are investing in this technology, which will provide fast

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