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PiTalk: The new Raspberry Pi HAT with 4G connectivity

People can live and work more efficiently and gain full control over their lives thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is becoming more and more important to businesses, and not just because it has smart devices that can automate homes. In today’s day and age, businesses in a wide variety of fields are increasingly turning to the IoT to run their operations more effectively. Raspberry Pi is a popular platform for running IoT-related applications. When developing IoT applications, one of the difficulties that may arise is a severe lack of versatile devices that are compatible with all Raspberry Pi models on the market. As a solution, it was decided to make a device that is not only small and easy to use, but also cheap, works with all Raspberry Pi models and variants, and is flexible enough to let you control all your smart devices.




This piece of hardware is known as the PiTalk 4G IoT HAT (A Raspberry Pi may be upgraded using a HAT, which stands for “hardware installed on top.” HATs are tiny devices that connect to the general-purpose input-output (GPIO) pins of the Raspberry Pi). PiTalk started a campaign to raise money on Kickstarter a month ago, and it has already reached its goal with 26 days left in the campaign. Its goal is to let users choose the network that works best for their IoT applications. If the PiTalk production goes according to plan, it is anticipated that international shipment would begin around February 2023.

PiTalk 4G HAT can manage and control all the IoT devices and smart appliances that you have. It is based on the Quectel EG25-G, which is an LTE Cat 4 module designed for use in IoT and machine-to-machine applications. Since the PiTalk 4G HAT supports worldwide bands, there is no need to be concerned about limited or nonexistent bandwidth, no matter where in the globe you are. This HAT is compatible with all different varieties and models of Raspberry Pi.

Download speeds can reach up to 150 Mbps, and upload speeds can reach up to 50 Mbps. The PiTalk 4G HAT has a GNSS built in, which not only makes the design easier but also gives a faster, more accurate, and more reliable location.

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