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DNA Electronics

DNA Electronics (DNAe), the inventors of semiconductor-based next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, is developing a revolutionary new platform that enables NGS-based diagnostic capability in an easy to use, cartridge-based system. This system delivers clinically relevant, actionable results directly from clinical specimens in a matter of hours. DNAe semiconductor technology generates vast amounts of raw data that needs to be preprocessed in real-time and analyzed using machine learning algorithms in semi-real-time fashion.

WizzDev provided DNAe with software to control DNA sequencing instruments and manage large amounts of data. The program controls hardware components eg. valves, pumps, mixers and data collection. It also comes with a bespoke graphical user interface (GUI) that enables user-friendly management of the entire data acquisition and download process. Therefore, the software allowed DNAe conducting research and experiments with their instruments. Moreover, large amounts of data could be efficiently stored, visualized and later on analyzed offline.


Plastometrex has come up with a revolutionary testing method and Wizzdev is here to help it come to life!
Plastometrex scientists team, originating from the University of Cambridge has a long background in materials science. They invented a method to measure the material’s mechanical properties from indentation test data. Now, a fully integrated and automated instrument to perform the bespoke indentation test is being developed together with Wizzdev.

Wizzdev’s contribution involves programming the hardware components and developing software that will provide a user-friendly interface.
A team of Wizzdev engineers also took part in consulting the choice of the electro-mechanical components.
Our common goal is to deliver precise and reliable measurements for further data analysis, to make the Indentation Plastometry available to the customers.


Mursla is a start-up working on a method for early detection of tumors by analyzing specific exosomes present in blood samples. The WizzDev team has created software that helps scientists aggregate the data generated by their devices. The program with a graphical interface enables the parameterization of performed experiments and the recording of obtained results, which will be subjected to further analysis.

Mill International AS

Mill International AS is a Norwegian company specializing in home appliances. The list of their products consists of various types of heaters, smart sockets as well as air quality products. WizzDev has been part of the development process helping Mill deliver a new type of Air Quality sensor firmware and help it integrate with the cloud. The company has also provided Mill with the necessary quality-control units to help test and verify new products in their factory.


iDrop AS is a company based in Norway that specializes in ocean bottom data acquisition. They have created an autonomous drop-node that gathers data from the bottom of the ocean and then sends it to the surface for further analysis. The Oceanid™, which is what the ocean bottom node is called, helps discover and explore the vast areas of the ocean floor. WizzDev has helped iDrop develop the necessary firmware for the specially designed printed-circuit board.

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