Developing instrument control software and Cross-Platform GUIs

WizzDev develops desktop Graphical User Interfaces which provide data visualisation and hardware control for founders and CEOs/CTOs of Life Science and Medtech companies in R&D stage Europe by offering structure, documentation, professionality while meeting their flexibility needs and changing requirements

Our clients contact us when they already have some proof of concept hardware prototype working using simple but expensive GUI (e.g.: LabView, Matlab).

Clients are usually looking to solve the following problems:

GUI which can be easily used both in R&D and later on in the product

Need both bigger system customisation and readily available graphs with data

Lower the cost of licencing - Python-based GUIs are very cost effective

Need very popular programing language which supports machine learning

Frequently changing requirements of work in R&D laboratories

DNA Electronics needed a GUI which would control their Laboratory Rigs and visualise vast amounts of raw R&D data produced in real time. The challenge was to develop an internal GUI which is both very performant and easy to modify. WizzDev combined our deep expertise of low level programming for performance with flexible and eye pleasing GUI.

The program controls hardware components eg. valves, pumps, mixers and data collection. It also comes with a bespoke graphical user interface (GUI) that enables user-friendly management of the entire data acquisition and download process. Therefore, the software allowed DNAe to conduct research and experiments with their instruments and provided a road map for product development.

Plastometrex approached us before having any prototypes working. They asked for a full software package that can be used both for the R&D of their product and rapid conversion of a prototype to a fully functional and tested product. That is how Corsica GUI was developed. An additional challenge was a need to seamlessly integrate the application with 3rd party mathematical modeling engine - Comsol.

WizzDev’s contribution involves programming the hardware components and developing software that will provide a user-friendly interface. A team of WizzDev engineers also took part in consulting the choice of the electro-mechanical components. Our common goal is to deliver precise and reliable measurements for further data analysis, to make the Indentation Plastometry available to the customers.

Mursla is a start-up working on a method for early detection of tumors by analyzing specific exosomes present in blood samples. The WizzDev team has created software that helps scientists aggregate the data generated by their devices. The program with a graphical interface enables the parameterization of performed experiments and the recording of obtained results, which will be subjected to further analysis.

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