Internet of Things Systems design and development

We provide firmware for IoT companies in Europe by using a well-structured, agile approach and timely delivery as we work in the same timezone. We also provide flexible billing and help to scale up quickly.

WizzDev partners in the development of hardware and software for the Internet of Things systems. Our clients come to us both for the development of new prototypes as well as manufacturing market-ready devices. Internet connectivity, cloud integration and battery life are frequent problems solved by WizzDev for clients with existing products. We help with WiFi stability, IoT sensor calibration and extensive testing using our diagnostics software – both in the in-house laboratory and remotely.

For Millheat, WizzDev developed a new generation of IoT Air Quality Sensor firmware. Next, we integrated the sensors with their choice of cloud provider. WizzDev also developed factory QC units which are used to test all new devices in Millheat’s factory.

For Pockethernet, WizzDev developed core functionality of a Ethernet/WiFi analyser, covering full TCP/IP stack – communicating wirelessly with a phone. All of that packed in a single microcontroller – from raw Ethernet frames, through all DHCP4/6 details to an encrypted https connection. All of that code is securely protected in the memory, with encrypted wireless updates and tailor made features.

For Laundrify, WizzDev developed a new firmware for the SmartPlug device – a device to allow monitoring of wash machines or dryers. The device has been integrated with the cloud service and allowed full control and monitoring of status from smartphones.

For Radar Smogowy, WizzDev developed a network of air quality sensors, which provide aggregated online results in real-time. The sensors help track the level of PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 particles and determine up-to-date information about the air quality in various locations around Poland. The data is sent from the thousands of sensors to the AWS IoT Core server-less infrastructure. There are also dedicated sub-portals for local councils as well as mobile apps to help track the data.

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