IoT Basic Getting started


To use the WizzDev IoT Basic, a Wizzdev IoT Basic Board with flashed firmware is needed. Also, depending on the version of the owned board, batteries, Li-Ion Cells, a USB cable or a 3.3V power supply is required. The device connects with the delivered AWS IoT Cloud environment. The working cycle of the configured device is:
– Wake up
– Take temperature and humidity measurement
– Connect to WiFi
– Connect to Cloud
– Send measurements
– Go sleep

When the device is powered up for the first time, connect to its access point with the SSID:

“ESP32WizzDev_IoT_E8:9F:6D:B2:21:7C” and password “12345678”.

The SSID contains the MAC Address of the device, which will differ for each unit. On your browser search bar enter the IP address of the device, which is:, and hit enter. It will redirect you to “”.

A page with configuration fields will appear.

Device workflow

Enter the WiFi credentials of the network, which the device should connect with in the fields “SSID” and “Password”. App version and cloud credentials are not required, since the device has default, preconfigured cloud settings. In the field “Measure time period” the time period between measurements can be set. If left empty, the default value is 5min. The minimal value that can be used is 30s. This setting has a big impact on the battery life of the device, the less the value, the more frequently will the device wake up and drain energy. After submitting all required values, the device will turn of the access point and begin the working cycle.

You can download the Getting Started file here.

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