Medical Innovations

We specialize in delivering comprehensive medical solutions, offering both cutting-edge hardware and software. At WizzDev, we are dedicated to supporting companies in the creation of innovative healthcare solutions. Our expertise extends to advanced GUI development, ensuring intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for medical devices. We excel in mechanism control and pump control systems too. Additionally, our capability in super-fast data acquisition allows for real-time monitoring and analytics, crucial in critical medical environments. Let WizzDev be your partner in pushing the boundaries of medical technology and enhancing patient care.

WizzDev provided DNAe with software to control DNA sequencing instruments and manage large amounts of data. The program controls hardware components eg. valves, pumps, mixers and data collection. It also comes with a bespoke graphical user interface (GUI) that enables user-friendly management of the entire data acquisition and download process. Therefore, the software allowed DNAe conducting research and experiments with their instruments. Moreover, large amounts of data could be efficiently stored, visualized and later on analyzed offline.

Our collaboration with Fluidic Analytics focuses on harnessing the power of cloud technology to transform protein analysis and data management. Specializing in cloud solutions, we are dedicated to developing sophisticated, cloud-based applications that enhance data accessibility and processing capabilities.

Working alongside Mursla, WizzDev has been instrumental in creating a cutting-edge tool aimed at early detection of prostate cancer. Our role in developing an advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) application significantly improves user interactions with Readout devices. This project, utilizing Python for script generation and data management, showcases our strengths in embedded software and IoT, resulting in efficient, user-friendly solutions. Our involvement in this crucial healthcare innovation underlines WizzDev's dedication to leveraging technology for impactful medical advancements.

In collaboration with BrightInsight, a pioneer in digital healthcare, WizzDev has played a pivotal role in enhancing diabetes care through our expertise in IoT Cloud Architecture and Mobile App Development. We've contributed significantly to the development of a user-centric app for diabetics, focusing on seamless data integration, secure and user-friendly patient applications, and overall enhancement of quality care. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to pushing digital healthcare boundaries, offering healthcare providers and patients vital real-time insights and innovative, practical solutions.

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